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Letter to the Editor

Call for action on mental health reform

January 09, 2013 - Dear Editor,

After the Newtown suicide massacre and tragic loss of innocent children, medical governing authorities must reform how traditional medicine assesses and treats children with ADD behavioral conditions as well as mental illness.

For over two decades, children and young adults battling behavioral conditions have not received comprehensive bio-assessments for causation of symptoms. Medical governing authorities have allowed the American Psychiatric Association to treat children before ruling out nutritional, physiological and environmental risk factors prior to premature drug therapy.

Safer prescribing protocols in children must become the new mandate. The FDA placed all ADD stimulant and psychiatric medications on their Med Guide Alert warning list, due to the increased potential to cause harm, especially in the child population.

Although ADD stimulant drug therapy is effective in children, the long term side effects have been described and warned by the FDA. Suicide is now the second leading cause of death in the United States college student population.

We should realize that suicide as well as violent suicide massacre has causation and is preventable through reformation in the clinical assessment process for children expressing behavioral symptoms.

The national movement for change and action is already in motion as discussed in the book Over Medicating Our Youth.

Many prestigious universities including Johns Hopkins School of Medicine instruct their medical students, systematic and comprehensive bio-assessments to rule out causation of symptoms prior to drug therapy. The Action Plan for Childhood Behavioral Conditions is also discussed in the book to help parents help their children determine causation of behavioral symptoms.

Join the Coalition Against Overmedicating Our Youth (CAOOY) and help give children a voice to determine causation of symptoms.

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Frank J. Granett, pharmacist, Clarkston CVS

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