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2003-11-12 The Clarkston News

Letter to the Editor
Miller committed to students, not politics

The Clarkston News
Letter to the Editor
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Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

I, too, feel Tony Miller is getting a bad rap.

Anyone who knows Tony is aware of his deep commitment to all of the kids in our district, not just the Clarkston High School football team. He is the most genuine man I have met and the Clarkston students are lucky to have such a supporter.

I have had two girls graduate from CHS, both played volleyball, and have witnessed conflict of interest, bias and lack of interest by the former coach. I have witnessed the inequalities between the boys sports and girls sports, sports in general and band, etc.

We desperately need a man of Tony Miller's character on our board for the children's sake. I believe Tony was never told he could not serve on the Board and coach... he would not have chosen the board.

I think the bottom line is Mr. Roberts and the rest of the board members are threatened by someone who keeps his games to the football field... someone whose total commitment is the students and not politics.

Go Tony! Don't back down! The students need you on the board and, if not on the field, at the field. Stay loud!

Jody LaLonde

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