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2003-12-17 The Clarkston News

Candles for Christmas at Davisburg factory

Phoebe and Rick Bojanzyk and daughters Melissa Beznitz and Laurel Bojanzyk own The Davisburg Candle Factory. Photo by Jennifer Nemer.

For a Christmas gift with a homemade touch, visit The Davisburg Candle Factory in downtown Davisburg.

This time of the year, owners Phoebe Bojanzyk and daughters Laurel Bojanzyk and Melissa Beznitz and the rest of the gang are busy, busy, busy.

It's been four years since the family first purchased the factory, though it's been in existence for 40 years and located in the current building for 30 years.

"Laurel used to shop here," Phoebe said. "When she found out it was for sale, she literally begged her sister and I. So here we are."

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But the only thing they knew about candles was how to burn them.

"It's been a lot of trial and error, but it's fun," Phoebe said. "I really can't wait to get to work. In fact I'd rather work than have a day off. It's more fun coming here."

At The Davisburg Candle Factory, Phoebe and daughters claim quality candles hand-dipped in high grade, long burning, pure wax and made in traditional form and craftsmanship.

From tapers to votives to you-name-it-kind-of-candles, they have it. The upstairs of the building is stocked full of unique candle varieties as well as candle accessories.

New this year are soy candles in jars. It's an all natural wax, and they come in a variety of scents, in jars with lids stuffed with related items like peppermint candies for the peppermint candle.

There are also Michigan State University or University of Michigan candles, some shaped as footballs, for that college fan.

Plus, there are gift baskets, candle making supplies and candles for special occasions.

But if you don't see what you're wanting, special order it.

Phoebe said one of their specialties is matching colors by blending to become identical to just about anything a customer requests.

Specifically for the Christmas season, there are candles of Christmas scents like hollyberry, mulberry and cinnamon, among others. There's a wide variety of Christmas candles decorated with wreaths, holly and snowflakes; red, green and white chunk candles are new this year and have been very popular, according to Phoebe; and candles that have been intricately detailed, like a Mrs. Santa Claus ball candle that is made up of 50 different pieces.

A unique gift for someone for Christmas is a scented, wax dipped stuffed animal, such as an angel bear or snowman.

"It scents the whole room," Phoebe said. "They're incredible. We cannot make them fast enough."

Done with your Christmas shopping? Then stop by the candle factory and just watch how the candles are made. They give group demonstration and tours, and visitors are welcome at any time.

The Davisburg Candle Factory is located at 634 Davisburg Rd. Hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Through the holidays, they are open on Sundays noon to 4 p.m. Call (248) 634-4214 or visit

Jennifer covers the Clarkston area police beat, Clarkston Schools and writes features.
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