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Clarkston Medical Campus
ER Coming Soon to Clarkston

"The POH Emergency Room at the Clarkston Medical Campus will provide high quality emergency care on a 24-hour basis," says Tressa Gardner, DO, Medical Education Associate Director.
Clarkston residents know that when they have a medical emergency, POH Medical Center is the place they want to be.

In the Pontiac area and northern Oakland County, no medical facility has earned a higher certification for emergency care than this respected Level 11 Emergency Department.

This spring, people living in North Oakland County will receive emergency services closer to home as POH brings its well-respected emergency staff to the Clarkston Medical Campus.

This means victims of medical or traumatic emergencies, as well as minor emergencies, won't have to trek to POH's main campus for emergency care.

The Center will also be linked to the Oakland County EMS System resulting in shorter response and transfer times.

"Clarkston will have Board Certified Emergency Physicians and Nurses available 24 hours a day, seven days a week," says Tressa Gardner, DO, Medical Education Associate Director. "This beautiful state-of-the art facility will be well-equipped and capable of performing in extreme medical situations. Patients whose conditions warrant will be treated and released. Patients requiring extended care will be stabilized and transferred to a hospital of their choice."

The Clarkston Medical Campus will also house around-the-clock laboratory, radiology, CAT scan and ultrasound services.

The Campus, targeted to open in April, is a joint project of POH Medical Center and Genesys Health System.

"Clarkston and its neighboring communities represent one of the few local suburban populations of its size to exist without a hospital," says Robert Aranosian, DO, Director of Emergency Services at POH. "This area has a great need for our services — delivering babies, providing care in life-threatening situations and addressing the many emergency situations that arise. If your child is ill or injured, there is no reason to spend an entire day at a hospital 20 miles from home."

The Center will reach beyond the bounds of immediate care to provide community-based education of current special interest.

"We want people to understand what they should do if a disaster touches their hometown. We'll be providing information about communicable diseases and hazardous chemicals — the things the public wants and needs to know," says Aranosian.

There will be other educational programs to address life support and first aid.

For people in the Oxford area, Aranosian states there will be a full-service emergency room opening in that community in 2004.

That's when POH upgrades its current Urgent Care Center to emergency room status.

(The center now handles urgent care situations from 8:00 am until 11:00 pm daily.)

"These three sites will provide a triangle of high quality emergency care in North Oakland County," he summarizes. "It is another way POH Medical Center is reaching beyond to deliver the best."

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