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The city council had a somewhat lengthy discussion on this even though the agenda only said "Explanation of possible action of grant." The proposal by the City Manager, apparently with the support of the City Engineer, is to seek a grant to put a longer right hand turn lane on west bound Clarkston Road at Main Street. Surprisingly, the alternate was to pursue a grant for a new lawn tractor because the old one may need new tires. The recording of the meeting is on the city web site for those who might be interested.

The problem I see at this intersection, in addition to there not currently being room to do what they are proposing, is that all this traffic will go north on Main Street and out of the Village of Clarkston. So how would this work make the Village a better place to be? There is nothing in the article about pedestrian safety being mentioned even though this is a very dangerous intersection and a pedestrian was hit in the crosswalk last year. At the previous City Council meeting, there was a lengthy discussion of Main Street and parking issues even though neither of them were on the agenda. There is no known plan for any of this, no funding in place, and it seems no organized discussion.

In my opinion, the only way to truly enjoy the Village of Clarkston is by walking, perhaps on a bicycle, but not by driving in a car. The city council discussions seem to be about parking and roads, not people, safety or how to make the Village of Clarkston a better place to be instead of simply an easier place to drive through. Maybe those issues will be discussed at a future meeting and if we are lucky, they will be on the agenda so everyone will know about it. Maybe the Planning Commission will take it up, invite the public to participate, and make a recommendation as planning seems to be completely lacking in the councilís present discussions.

Cory Johnston
December 27, 2012

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